Backings 106″ Width

Quilt Backings range in price from $18.95 to $24.95

Cotton Flannel Blenders

040_smBlue 041_smLight Blue 042_smWhite 043_smLight Green 044_smMedium Grey
045_smMocha 046_smDark Brown 047_smCream

100% Cotton Backing


049_smEnvers White Tone on Tone Flowers 050_sm
Envers White Tone on Tone Butterfly
051_smFolk Art Blue Plaid 052_smNavy Kalara Swirl
053_smQuilters Blenders Marige 054_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Purple 055_smQuilters Blenders Yellow 056_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Yellow/Gold 057_smQuilters Blenders Green
058_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Bright Green 059_smQuilters Blenders Moss Green 060_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Moss Green 061_smBackside Mint Stars 062_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Orange
063_smKalara Swirl Burgandy 064_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Red 065_smNorthcott Behind the Quilt 066_smMerrivale Hand Dyed Pink Image-067-CBQuilters Blenders Pink
068_smFolk Art Pink Plaid 069_smEnvers White on Tan Floral 070_smEnvers White on Cream Floral 071_smEnvers Cream on Cream Leaf 072_smNorthcott White On Cream Behind the Quilt
073_smNorthcott Tan on Cream 074_smQuilters Chocolate 075_smTonal Floral Medium Brown 076_smTonal Floral Dark Brown 077_smQuilters Blenders Taupe
078_smQuilt Backs Grey on Grey 079_smQuilt Backs Grey on Black 080_smQuilters Blenders Black IMG_2403Quilters Blenders Beige IMG_2404Quilters Blenders Teal

Troy Fabrics “Flourish”

IMG_2373Black IMG_2374Gold IMG_2375Cream IMG_2376Grey IMG_2377Blue